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Giovanna Conforti  is a flexible and enthusiastic UX/UI designer based in Edinburgh.

Throughout years of design studies and daily practices she has acquired research, communication and analysis skills which she accordingly implements during the design process. 

 Digital tools such as Sketch, Figma and Adobe Creative Suite are her bread and butter.

She defines herself a person who has a keen eye for details and the desire to share the same passion for creativity  and technology with other people.  

In November 2019 she obtained the Professional Diploma in UX/UI Design at UX Design Institute (Glasgow Caledonian University Accredited course).

In June 2019 she graduated in HND Visual Communications at Edinburgh College, in fact, other than UX, she also adores create bespoke illustrations; to see her illustration projects go to the website:

Giovanna is constantly  keeping  her design skills fresh through some  online tutorials available on websites such as Skillshare or Linkedin Learning. 

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